In the following section, we will talk about the student council which is the center of the student activities in Handa high school.

What do we do in the student council?
I am sure that you have the student council in your own school, but our role is quite different from yours in junior high school.

In Handa high school, we, students have more responsibilities for the organization of school events and the budget of each club. Of course, we do similar things to you, such as providing support for the entrance ceremony and school orientation for new students. However, we always start from scratch and make it in our own style, for example we make original, distinctive slides for the school orientation. Additionally, when thinking about voluntary work, we actively find the volunteer group, sometimes getting in touch with the charity foundation groups directly. Mostly, we students do the work for school events. We sometimes ask advice for the teachers or for permission documents, but that’s it! We do everything else ourselves! This is our school council. Come and join us!