The start of the next 100 years to pass on our spirit to future generations.

In 2018, we celebrated our 100th anniversary and over the years we have produced a lot of talented alumni in various fields.
When our school started, Mr. Shusaku Suzuki, the first principal, created the motto “ Self-learning, Self-governing, Self-training”. The students exemplify this spirit, making enormous efforts not only studying hard, but also playing sports and achieving great results every year. Designated as a Super Science High School, our students have accepted the challenge of advancing scientific research and learning new methods of achieving scientific results. We also have exchange programs with high schools in England (Bryanston school) and Thailand( Mahidol Wittayanusorn School (MWITS)).
We have set up many programs to allow our students to try various fields and lead them to be “people who discover,” “ people who challenge,” “people who contribute.”

It is said that we are coming to a time of rapid progress in ICT technology and globalization , and at the same time we are facing the problems of a decreasing birth rate and an increasing elderly population.

As I mentioned in the title, we have just started the next promising 100 years. We are going to help the students to be creative, driven, and internationally-minded for the future.