I truly appreciate you paying attention to our website.
I am Norihisa Saito, newly transferred here this April, following the retirement of the previous principal, Mr. Ayumi Suzuki.

Our school has been one of the most prominent schools in Aichi prefecture, with a history of over 100 years, and it has produced a lot of successful graduates in various fields, both in Japan and abroad.

Our educational policies started from the motto “Self-learning, Self-governing, Self-training” created by Mr. Shusaku Suzuki, the first principal. This ideal lives on in the words “Self-reliance and Independence”.

Our students with this spirit, handed down from generation to generation, are developing talents and abilities to act as leaders for the next generation, by seriously studying and doing other activities. Especially at our school festival, they have shown great creativity, making it more entertaining and enjoyable.

Furthermore, our school has been designated as a Super Science High School since 2013. At present, we have set the goal of research and development, “Handa Risk-Takers Project”, to nurture people who discover, contribute, and develop with a spirit of self-challenge and have set up many programs to help our students to be internationally-minded through independent, interactive, and deep learning.

Thanks to our alumni association having such a deep understanding of our educational activities, our old martial arts gym was remade into a new memorial building, as a new type of classroom for the next generation. Through the use of this building, we’re determined to develop the creativity and endeavoring spirit of our students.

The exchange programs regularly held with Hiiragi special support school are also characteristic of our school, nurturing skills such as reading books to challenged students, inviting them to our school festival and practicing assistance to use wheel chairs. These exchange programs have significant meaning in not only making our students reflect on themselves, but also developing their sense of human dignity.

In a time of rapid change of the industrial structure and social system, abilities required in society have been changing. It is important to nurture students with not only knowledge and skills in a specific field, but also a desire to learn new things in a variety of fields, and to be motivated for challenge.

In close coordination with the local area, parents, alumni association and PTA, we will actively promote higher standard of education as following.

Educational goals:
・Acquire a broad and deep intellectual ability to make sound decisions
・Cultivate a rich appreciation and love for all people and things
・Instill a strong will and high ambition, nurturing an attitude of self-improvement
・Always maintain positive outlook and good health