About SSH

Our school has been designated a Super Science High (SSH) school by the Ministry of Education this year, for the second consecutive time
We would like to show you what we do for the SSH course.

What is SSH?

SSH stands for Super Science High school, which is designated by Ministry of Education.
We set up the course for the purpose of advancing science, technology, human resource development and creating a global perspective.
Our aim in the second term.
To create challengers, who can contribute in various fields, identify and solve problems
This project is called the “HaRT-Project,” “Handa Risk Takers development project.”

Our purpose and aim for the research

We consider “risk-taking,” “contributing to human beings through the idea of entrepreneurship,” and “a frontier spirit” to be required for the of future science instruction.
In order to create students who challenge in advanced scientific fields, we established three conditions:

1. Students will be able to find the problems and assignment in scientific fields.
2. Students will be able to contribute in practical fields, such as medicine.
3. Students will be able to act with the idea of entrepreneurship and determination.

We aim to have our students acquire the knowledge and skills to be meet these conditions within 5 years. We believe that students can make the most of the course when they learn to relish every opportunity and discover their own individual talents and interests, exploring them to the best of their abilities.