School Library

 School Library
§ Library newspaper
published three times a year, featuring teachers’ recommendations and students’ activity.
§ Papyrus
published once a month, introducing new books, students’ recommendation and upcoming events.
§ public relations
Students make posters of new books.
§ Shuryo seminar
Public lectures called “Shuryo seminar” are held twice a year.
§ Open
lunch time and after school on weekday
 Annual Events 2015
April The library guidance for the freshmen
July The first “Shuryo Seminar” (Public lecture)
Date: July 10, 2015
Speaker: Mr. Kirk Goulbourne (ALT)
Theme: “Jamaica: The Land We Love!”

《The voice of a student who listened to the lecture》
I hadn’t known much about Jamaica until I listened to this lecture, other than Usain
Bolt as an athlete, or Bob Marley as a reggae singer.
This time I was able to see the great nature as well as the city view and school life in Jamaica, which made me really eager to visit Jamaica if I have a chance.
Listening to Mr. Kirk, I am now very much interested in Jamaica. The lecture was a
great experience. I really appreciate it.
July The school library newspaper (vol.1) is published.
November The second “Shuryo Seminar” (Public lecture)
Date: November 16, 2015
Speaker: Mr. Ryosuke Nakamura (37th graduate of Handa High School)
from National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Theme: “Space Beyond Our Reach —The unmanned Japanese space probe Hayabusa”

《The voice of a student who listened to the lecture》
The unmanned Japanese space probe Hayabusa, which was the main theme of this lecture, miraculously came back to the Earth five years ago. I hope its successor, Hayabusa the Second, will have been achieving its mission next month. Through this lecture, I learned the importance of a strong will. Hayabusa had had many troubles before coming back to the earth, and everyone once thought it impossible for Hayabusa to return. But the project staff believed its return and never gave up, which must have led to the success of its mission. I think we can learn a lot from them. Sometimes we feel afraid of facing with big events such as examinations or sports competitions, and feel like escaping from them. But thinking of the hardship Hayabusa was through, I’m sure that we can pull ourselves together and achieve our goal. Mr. Nakamura expected us to be involved in this kind of space projects. I hope someday some of us will engage in space projects in one way or another. What I learned through this lecture was great. I really appreciate it.
December The school library newspaper (vol.2) is published.
February The school library newspaper (vol.3) is published.