The Backyard to the south of Shuryo Kaikan~ the Sanctuary of Handa High School.

walkshuryoukomorebiThe backyard to the west and the south of Shuryo Kaikan is a beautiful garden with sunshine filtering through the leaves.
It is a bird sanctuary especially in winter.

walkshuryoukomorebi2As we stroll south-west, breathing fresh morning air…


We can find a monument of Niimi Nankichi, who is the great fairy story writer Handa High School produced.

walkshuryougokajo“the Oath in Five Articles” at the south-east corner of the yard
The Oath outlined the main aims and the course of action to be followed during Emperor Meiji’s reign, setting the legal stage for Japan’s modernization.

walkshuryoustatueThe south pond of which the statue stands in the center provides a drinking and bathing place for birds

walkshuryoumagatamaThe pond “Magatama Ike” on south-east of Shuryo Kaikan
Though it has no water now, it reproduced the original pond in Handa Girls’ High School in smaller size. (Handa Girls’ High and Old System Handa Junior High merged into the present Handa High School.) We can enjoy beautiful wisterias around the pond in early summer.